CIDOC documentation: E33 Linguistic Object

Written sources, like for example medieval charters or letters, can be entered in OpenAtlas at the Source menu item.

On the index page already entered entities are listed in a Table.

  • Click on the + button to enter a new one.

  • Click on the name of an entry in the list to access the detail view.

  • To edit or delete an entry click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields

  • Name

  • Type

  • Artifact - if the artifact contains the source

  • Content - a source content usually contains a summary or the whole text of the source

Can be linked via tabs to

  • Event, Actor, Artifact, Place, and subunits it references

  • Reference - where it is documented in, e.g. in various editions of charters or secondary sources

  • Translation - respectively to the text in the original language (e.g. Latin), can be a comment too

  • File