CIDOC documentation: E5 Event, E7 Activity, E8 Acquisition, E9 Move and E12 Production E65 Creation

  • Activity (E7 Activity) - the most common, e.g. a battle, a meeting or a wedding

  • Acquisition (E8 Acquisition) - mapping a change of property

  • Creation (E65 Creation) - creation of documents (files)

  • Event (E5 Event) - used for events not performed by actors, e.g. a natural disaster

  • Move (E9 Move) - movement of artifacts or persons

  • Production (E12 Production) - creation of artifacts

On the index page already entered entities are listed in a Table.

  • Click on the + button to enter a new one.

  • Click on the name of an entry in the list to access the detail view.

  • To edit or delete an entry click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields

  • Name

  • Type

  • Date

  • Description

  • Location - a Place where the event occurred

  • Sub event of - events can be part of another event, e.g. a battle as a sub event of a war.

  • Preceding event - events can follow up other events, useful for e.g. entering a journey

  • Reference System

Can be linked via tabs to

  • Source - when it is referenced there

  • Actor - to add participants, or recipient and donor for an acquisition

  • Reference

  • File

For step by step instructions have a look at our Examples.


  • Given place - to select which places changed ownership.

  • Given artifact - to select which artifacts changed ownership.

To add recipients and donors go to the Actor tab, add actors and select as activity:

  • acquired title through for recipients

  • surrendered title through for donors


  • Document (File) - to select files that were created

The creators of the document can be added via the Actor tab and selecting the carried out by activity while linking them.


  • From - a Place as a start point

  • To - a Place as a destination point

  • Artifact - to select artifacts that were moved

  • Person - to select persons that were moved


  • Artifact - to select artifacts that were produced

The creators can be added via the Actor tab and selecting the performed activity while linking them.