In the overview users with group, email, created/last login date and newsletter subscription are displayed. When viewing a user you can click on Activity to browse entity inserts, updates and deletes of this user.

User can be added by admins or manager and a registration mail with account details can be sent by the system if Send account information is checked.

Form fields

  • Active - if not checked the user cannot log in anymore. Keeping inactive users can be useful to keep associated information e.g. about created and modified entities.
  • Group - defines the access level of a user, see table below
  • Username - required to login and displayed in advanced view of created/modified entries
  • Email - required for e.g. resetting the password
  • Full name - optional but makes it easier for other to be identified. Can be edited in Profile.
  • Info - a free text field for additional information


Guest is the default for users who aren’t logged in.

  Admin Manager Editor Contributor Readonly Guest
Browse data yes yes yes yes yes  
Edit data yes yes yes yes*    
Edit types yes yes yes      
Add custom types yes yes        
Add reference systems yes yes        
Import/Export yes yes        
User management yes yes        
System settings yes          

* Contributors can edit all entries but can only delete their own.