IIIF is a set of open standards for delivering high-quality, attributed digital objects online at scale. Once installed (see installations notes) it can be configured at the file menu item in the IIIF tab.

Be aware that

  • IIIF is optional for an OpenAtlas installation

  • Enabling it can expose used files to the public (without login)


  • IIIF - Select this checkbox to enable IIIF

  • URL - Set the complete URL to the Image API Server, e.g. https://yourserver.eu/iiif/

  • Version - The manifest version provided by OpenAtlas. Currently only version 2 is available.

  • Path - Set the absolute path to the IIIF image drop zone which corresponds with the Image API Server folder, e.g. /var/www/iipsrv/ if you followed the default OpenAtlas installation. Be aware that this folder has to be accessible (write and execute) for the webserver.

  • Conversion - Controls if images get converted into pyramid-TIFFs

    • none - no conversion

    • deflate - lossless but files size may be large

    • jpeg - much smaller files size but not lossless, e.g. loss of transparency

In case you are running multiple OpenAtlas instances you should create a sub directory for every instance at /var/www/iipsrv/ and also add these to URL and Path accordingly.

These formats have been successfully tested with OpenAtlas:

  • .bmp

  • .gif

  • .ico

  • .jpeg

  • .jpg

  • .png

  • .svg

  • .tif

  • .tiff